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Pete Ross and Susy Sapphire’s affair initiated in 2009 whilst Pete was touring troubadour style, acoustic guitar in hand. They immediately formed a songwriting partnership that has seen 3 albums released to date. Susy as the intuitive wordsmith, and Pete, the ever wielding axeman.


Their first collaboration, the solo acoustic ‘Midnight Show’, was also the start of their alliance with French label Beast Records. Released in 2011 it uncovered their mutual love of dark and psychedelic spaghetti westerns.


In 2012 they made their first recording, playing and singing together and creating the enchanting ‘Rollin’ On Down The Lane’, along with the enigmatic video clip for the single ‘Devil Inside’. Based upon a dark and deadly trilogy the album combined stories of misfortune, disbelief and regret. The same year also saw the release of the rockaby/anti-lullaby 7” single ‘Mockingbird/Down to the Woods’.


Rollin On Down The Lane received many favourable reviews including Rock n Folk, Abus Dangereux, Dig it!, & Voix de garage Grenoble and they played over 100 shows across Europe in 2013 with highlights including Festival De Valence, Beast Records 10year anniversary concert, Binic Folk Blues Festival and Don Cavalli support at La Citrouille, St Brieuc. The album went into it’s second pressing of vinyl.


As a solo performer, Pete Ross has been touring across Europe, the US and Australia since 2008. High- lights have included SXSW (USA 2010), Mirande Music Festival (FR 2010), Binic Folk Blues Festival (FR 2010 & 2011), Festival Des Alpilles (FR 2011) and 3 performances on RAI International (IT). Prior to that he was a guitarist with successful EMI artist Dan Brodie.


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