Scarily addictive!

Every now and then a band comes along that kicks you on your arse and reminds you what rock music is truly meant to be about. And right now that band is HITS. Sure, they have been creating a completely glorious racket for years, but with the release of their second full-length record HIKIKOMORI and having just returned from their second European tour, everything has just become a whole lot more intense. 


HITS are simply a band that does not fuck around. As Steve Bell writing for The Music put it, HITS play “Dirty rock’n’roll at its delectably depraved best.” 

The live show is just part of the story. HITS write simply great songs – boiled to the bone, stripped of pretense and posturing. 

This is a band people genuinely love – or hate. Take a listen, go see them. It’s your call.

'This unrelenting run of pulverising rock songs stuns in both concept and execution. Dirty Rock 'n Roll at it's delectably depraved best.' THE MUSIC

'A mad eyed, impeccably distorted, sweat-splattered flannel and frock kind of way that makes a lot of bands look much more young and attractive, in a bad way.


'And then there's HITS. Is there a better Rock 'n Roll band in Australia? This is a band that has everything : songs, attitude, intensity, arrogance, empathy and musicianship'


'If anyone ever claims that Rock 'n Roll has done it's dash, that nothing will ever be exciting again, they haven't heard HITS'


HITS have supported, toured, or played shows with….. The Scientists, Radio Birdman, The Buzzcocks (UK),The New Christs, Mustang, You Am I, Warped, The Drones, Digger and the Pussycats, Nunchukka Superfly, The New York Dolls (USA), Guitar Wolf (Japan), The Oblivians (usa), Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds (USA), Legends of Motorsport, Dimi Dero Inc (France), Kim Salmon, The Victims, Rocket Science, The Hoodoo Gurus, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (USA),The Sonics (USA), The Dirtbombs (USA), The Deniz Tek Group, Spencer P Jones, Penny Ikinger and many many more.


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