A truly original band, bringing weirdo funk and psychedelic afrobeat influences channelled into a rock’n’roll vehicle captained one of the most distinct voices in Australian music.

Tropical Fuck Storm is a bombastic amalgamation of Melbourne music grandeur. The new garage rock family is comprised of The Drones' Gareth Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin, High Tension's Lauren Hammel and the talented Erica Dunn of Harmony and Palm Springs.


Like an understudy of The Drones, Tropical Fuck Storm uncaps Gareth Liddiard's trademark wailing vocals alongside buzzsaw guitars and chaotic drum rhythms. The four-piece have been easing their way into it via pop-up support slots over the past few months but the wait for TFS tangibility is over.


Their first official release comes through Chameleon Paint – an A-side single to a 7" also including a cover of The Nation Blue's Mansion Family. The melodies are boisterous and the tale equally so as Liddiard and his bandmates attempt to save the world from the brink of armageddon. 


Coinciding with the single comes a playful video clip where the band is on the frontline of the crusade as if it was an arcade game. Slicing and dicing Pauline Hanson is just one of the obstacles as the members also attempt to take down a virtual Donald Trump.


This is the first double A-side from Tropical Fuck Storm but there will be more limited edition releases to come.


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