True Believers

”What we do is a secret, what we do is a hoax,” sings The Toxics on their debut album. There were no secrets or hoaxes in the making of the album but there were a lot of changes.

At the end of 2015 The Toxics was stumbling. Their first vinyl release, a ten inch ep released by Kizmiaz Records/Blast Of Silence Records was accidentally send to Turkey instead of Turku Finland. The record release gigs had no record. And after gigs one of the two guitarists quit.

The Toxics is the love child of the singer Jens Hortling and the guitarist Ilkka Luttinen. It had always been a trio playing primitive garagerock. But in the years 2016 and 2017 the band had to reinvent itself. First they drafted a new guitarist Juha Laine and then they started to make a record. The sound of that record would be different from the old Toxics and not only because they brought a bass to the lineup.


The first album has escaped from the garage towards more nuanced spaces. There’s pubrock, powerpop and influences from 1960’s garagerock. Hortling’s voice and Luttinen’s guitar are recognisable but other than that the band sounds new.

The method of making the record wasn’t all new though. The band played the songs live and fast and made necessary changes on the go. There was no intensive rehearse period before the recording so the playing is instinctive and spontaneous.


In the year 2017 The Toxics has five members. Hortling sings, Luttinen and Laine play guitar, Ari-Pekka Heinola is on bass and Riku Korhonen on drums.

The song on which they sing about secrets and hoaxes is called ”True Believers”. The Toxics may have stumbled but they never fell. They believe in the power of rock.


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