Freaky, hip shaking & mind blowing

The Jackets are a dynamic Garage-Punk-Psych-Freakbeat trio based in Bern, Switzerland featuring front woman Jack Torera on guitar and lead voice, Chris Rosales on drums and Samuel 'Schmidi' Schmidiger on bass. The band formed in 2007 and have released three full length LP's -  Stuck Inside (Subversiv Records 2009), Way Out (Soundflat Records 2012) and  Shadows Of Sound (Voodoo Rhythm Records 2015). The Jackets released their first 7" vinyl single Be Myself/ Queen Of The Pill on Voodoo Rhythm Records in June of 2017.


The Jackets spend most of their time on the road recently touring the USA and Canada in the fall of 2017 and playing regularly in most every country in Western Europe including Scandinavia and the U.K where they are well known on the European Garage Rock circuit playing at some of the most well-known festivals in the genre such as Funtastic Dracula Carnival (Spain), Cosmic Trip Festival (France), Purple Weekend (Spain), Hipsville (UK) and Festival Beat (Italy) and have shared stages with bands like Baby Woodrose, The Monsters, Magnetix, King Kahn & BBQ, Lyres, Gonn and The Sonics. 


The band is known for their high energy stage shows combining 60's Garage, Mod, '77 Punk, Psychedelia and their devotion to bands like The MC5, The Monks and The Music Machine. What is important to note is that the Jackets are a Rock and Roll band - but it's the ROLL that makes the ROCK just that little bit better!


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