Wild at heart !

Parlor Snakes is a french american rock band based in Paris.

Eugenie Alquezar on vocals and organ, Peter K on guitar, Danilo on bass and Marc Jim on drums. They have released two 7" singles "Shotguns" and "Tomorrow Never Comes" and a first album "Let's Get Gone" (2012).

Parlor Snakes played more than 150 live gigs, went on a tour with The Jim Jones Revue, opened for Crocodiles, The Bellrays, Washington Dead Cats, Guitar Wolf, Radio Birdman...  


For their second and eponym album, the band decided to record in New York with Matt Verta-Ray, in his NY HED studios. Known for recording many of New York City finest underground musicians and his own musical parcours with Speedball Baby and Heavy Trash, he was an obvious choice for the band.

Recorded in two weeks on all analog equipment, the album sounds organic and immediate.

The songs sway between scuzzy garage, blues punk and more sensual downtempo numbers. You can hear other NY greats echoing through the tracks. The Velvet Underground, Ramones or even Suicide, with a little Stones influence thrown in.


Written in 3 months, the album captures the energy and synergy of the band. In some moments Eugenie's voice wants to rip your heart out, in others she wants to mend it. The rhythm section brings a solid backbone, while guitar adds the grind and fuzz.

The album, a love declaration to a fierce and vicious rock'n'roll, was released in March 2015. Since then , the band is on tour and has started to write some new material for a new record.


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