Towering live band at the height of their powers

Cash Savage and the Last Drinks have emerged as one of the heaviest hitters of Australian music’s new era. A towering live band at the height of their powers, led by mighty frontwoman Cash Savage, whose potent lyrics and impassioned delivery articulate the personal-political issues of these times with all her heart, guts and grit.


Cash Savage and the Last Drinks have announced their forthcoming album Good Citizens -- the much-anticipated follow up to their hugely acclaimed album One Of Us -- and share the first single, “Better Than That”, out lately on digital release.  Good Citizens will be released on September 14 on Mistletone Records via Inertia.


Cash Savage lays it out in the opening lines of “Better Than That”: “I’m done trying to word this so you don’t feel bad”. The somber anger which burns like a controlled fire beneath “Better Than That” was sparked by the Australian Government's national plebiscite on marriage equality, and the traumatic ramifications for the LGBTIQ+ community.


"Better Than That" is real talk. It is powerful medicine. It’s a call for respect, bearing witness to the wounds caused by inequality and prejudice; and reminding us that we are all responsible for these injustices.


As Cash explains: "The worst part for me in this fucking ugly situation was that my sexuality became dinner conversation. All of a sudden, my personal life was up for discussion in the supermarket, down the street, in the pub, with strangers and with friends. It was degrading — and othering."


“Better Than That” compresses all that pain into a thunderbolt of a song which pulses with truth and power as it lights up the darkness.

Good Citizens is set for release this spring on Mistletone Records.


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