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There's a reason we find ourselves pulled towards the Shadow Side. A need to acknowledge the animalistic wild side that prowls within. From primordial desire to transgressive ferocity, it resides restless, free and unfettered within the experiential.


And Yet it Moves roam this space, holding their audience mesmerised between the visuality of cathartic performance and a raucously rhythmic soundscape. In their own personal war against pretension and bullshit, they're musical alchemists, combining disparate sounds and sources to produce joyfully visceral new forms. They term this concoction `Death Lounge', a tongue-in-cheek nod to a spectrum of sounds they rip up and assemble anew.


Lead vocalist/guitarist Dale Barclay may be a familiar face from his time with critically-acclaimed Glaswegian trio The Amazing Snakeheads. After they imploded, Dale worked solo while lending his skills to the work of Laura St Jude. While touring in Norway in January 2016, he met, jammed and bonded with drummer Nonas Duus (Astral Tide, Droem, Cozmik Onion Express). Back in Glasgow he enticed solo artist Laura St Jude (keyboards/vocals) into joining their fledgling collective and Nonas, in turn, called in the talents of fellow Dane and Droem member, guitarist Jesper Lapp.


They began gigging just three days later, evolving their tight sound and line-up along the way. Having disposed of a few bassists found wanting (we're assured by non-violent means!), Italian Martino Mostacci (also of Astral Tide) was finally procured - able and willing - to complete the pulsating force of a driving backline.


After touring and building something of a following both here and abroad, AYIM released three tracks (recorded by Stuart Evans at Green Door Studio, Glasgow) 'Make American Great Again, Again', 'Mark Swan' and 'Ketamine Ma'am'. Proving their compelling live sound can transfer to studio without losing intensity, these initial slit-throat serenades were just a tantalising taster of what's to come.


Their much-anticipated, powerful debut album `Free Pass to the Future' , is produced by sonic genius Al Harle in Big Jelly Studios, Ramsgate. It captures the band's mesmerising live spirit, retaining the hard-hitting urgency, while illuminating the texture, depth and originality of their musicianship.


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